AICA Ireland affirms:

  • democratic principles in its governance as it relates to the selection of board members, their activities, and treatment of members;
  • the association represents the broad interests of its membership and can be held accountable by its members;
  • decision-makers of the association must be free from undue influence of individual members and the promotion of self-interest in carrying out their responsibilities;
  • decision-makers must be impartial in their actions, exercise duty of care, avoid conflict of interest, and act in the best interest of the association at all times;
  • the association governance framework ensures that board members and general members are responsible and held accountable for their actions and decisions as they pertain to the association;
  • no member should bring the association into disrepute and undertake to respect all statutes;
  • programs and activities of the association must be consistent with its mission and subject to approval at members meetings;
  • the association governance framework ensures that an association remains non-partisan;
  • decision-makers should be transparent in their decisions to establish or eliminate policy committees to ensure that such committees reflect the interests of the organization rather than those of individual members.

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