Candidates are elected by their peers, by secret ballot. To be eligible, candidates must produce evidence of sustained activity over the previous three years, in one or more of the following areas:

  • Daily/periodical press, or broadcasting on radio, TV or video, or in the electronic media
  • Publication of works of art history, aesthetics or criticism
  • Teaching of art criticism, art history, aesthetics, curating, or art, at higher or tertiary level
  • Curatorial work and analysis for educational or scholarly ends, including the production of scholarly or critical texts for museums or galleries, whose principal aim is not essentially commercial.

This documentation must also be accompanied by a reasoned and informative letter from two sponsors who are current paid up members.

The application will be considered at the next meeting of the AICA Ireland and, if accepted, will be voted on at the subsequent Ordinary General Meeting.

Successful nominees will be contacted after the Ordinary General Meeting and informed of our members’ decision.

A copy of the ratified application will then be forwarded to AICA International to be voted on at the next Annual Congress. Following this candidates will be informed if they have successfully been elected members of AICA Ireland.

Membership Benefits

Members are entitled to:

  • vote at and participate in international meetings;
  • elect officers;
  • access to the AICA International web site;
  • access to the AICA International network of critics, writers and academics;
  • the AICA International membership/press card;
  • receive the monthly AICA Ireland Newsletter;
  • present a paper or suggest guest speakers for the Quarterly AICA Ireland general meeting, the AICA Ireland AGM, and other AICA events that take place during the year;
  • attendance at the Quarterly AICA Ireland general meeting, the AICA Ireland AGM, and other AICA events that take place during the year.


If you fit the criteria and wish to apply for consideration as a member, please contact AICA Ireland President and we will assist you to fill in the follow application form – EMC_Month_year_SECTION_LAST-NAME_First-Name_EN

You must:

Ensure that the title of the file is changed with your details:

Please ensure to change the (at) in the previous email addresses to @ in your mails.

Applications that are either incomplete or are not accompanied by the correct supporting documentation will not be considered.