Fantasy of the Good Life | Group Exhibition at TACTIC, Cork

Fantasy of the Good Life | Group Exhibition at TACTIC, Cork

18 to 29 September 2017

TACTIC is proud to present “Fantasy of the Good Life,” an exhibition of emerging Cork artists, Lynn-Marie Dennehy, Tommy Feehan and Andrew McSweeney.

Quoting distinguished author and professor, Lauren Berlant “Fantasy of a Good Life” explores the relational dynamics between personal experience, ideas of success and failure, autonomy, and responsibility while questioning the agendas, strategies, and accountability of authorities and governing power structures.

Opening Reception:
6-9PM Culture Night, 22 September, The Crypt, O’Mahoney’s Avenue, St.Lukes.

3rd Floor of the Former Government Buildings, 10-19 Sullivan’s Quay, Cork

Extensions: Exhibition In Aid Of Jigsaw | Fintan O’Byrne at Copper House Gallery, Dublin

Extensions: Exhibition In Aid Of Jigsaw | Fintan O’Byrne at Copper House Gallery, Dublin

28 September 2017

New paintings and limited edition prints by Fintan O’Byrne, in the Copper House Gallery in Dublin on 28th September.

All works are for sale with 30% of proceeds to be donated to Jigsaw (formerly Headstrong) the National Centre for Youth Mental Health in Ireland. Jigsaw’s mission is to bring about significant change in how Ireland thinks about, responds to and supports young people’s mental health.

Speaking at this event will be Brent Pope, best known for his rugby punditry on RTÉ, Brent is also an art enthusiast and mental health ambassador.

Event sponsors Arekibo Communications are delighted to partner with Jigsaw for this exhibition and to contribute, not just to Jigsaw as an organisation, but to directly impact how we as country, thinks about, supports and responds to our young people’s mental health.

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The Copper House Gallery
St Kevin’s Cottages, Synge Street, Dublin 8
T: 01 5354332

Call for art projects > PSF2016: Intermittence+Interference | Group Exhibition


MILLENNIUM GALLERY: November 11, 2016

Deadline for submission: January 31, 2016

The PSF2016 in partnership with the Millennium Gallery – a joint effort of Faculty of Fine Arts of Lisbon University and Lusófona University – is calling for artists to submit an artwork to be presented at the group exhibition of the Post-Screen: International Festival of Art, New Media and Cybercultures.


The PSF2016: Intermittence+Interference is focused in the themes of photography, film, museology and public space, in connection with the idea of post-screen underlying the festival’s name and purpose, which is to generate a dialogue between the artistic and technological fields, through multidisciplinary studies that contribute critically both to research and artistic practice.

Starting from the three areas already appointed, this project will address a set of topics related with the media, the proliferation and the unfolding of images in cyberspace, the new modalities of screens and their implications in spectatorship and audiences. The substantial increase of urban screens is also a potential field of investigation and reflection on new forms of interaction and collaborative environments in public spaces. The projection of light on urban surfaces arises, largely, as a way to create spaces for collective critical thought through which the video serves as a means for communication and not for consumption, often conveying a sense of political inquiry.

In addition to these aspects, issues related with algorithms, the decoding of images through different outputs, or the new imagery offered, for example, by satellite images, or even the possibilities generated by the virtual reality, are some of the themes to be addressed in this second edition of the PSF, taking into consideration new proposals and approaches which may arise during the course of the project.

Artists may submit an art project/artwork to be presented at the virtual gallery of the festival.

Submissions are accepted in various genres, such as:

  Installations (interactive, site-specific, etc.)




  Multiple projections

  Immersive environments




  Visual Arts

Before submitting please read carefully the Artists Guidelines and the Rules and Regulation provided in our website.

Artworks will be evaluated through a single blind selection process by the Curatorial Commission.

Please submit by January 31, 2016 through this link:

All candidates will be notified by the end of April 2016.

For more information got to

or contact

Helena Ferreira


Proteja a sua privacidade e a dos outros. Não divulgue os endereços de e-mail dos seus amigos:  
   – use “Bcc” ou “Cc” (cópia oculta) para enviar 

   – reencaminhe SÓ a mensagem! apague o histórico de endereços do corpo das mensagens

Emma Sulkowicz Takes on Wrath in New Deadly Sins-Themed Exhibition

Emma Sulkowicz.
Photo: via Facebook.

The seven deadly sins will come to life as feminist artworks beginning on August 6 with “7 women, 7 sins,” a group show at Brooklyn’s Kunstraum LLC. The show will feature work by Emma Sulkowicz (wrath), Janine Antoni (envy), Yvonne Roeb (pride), Sylvie Macias Diaz (sloth), Raquel Schwartz (gluttony), Kathryn Garcia (lust), and Genevieve White (greed).

Billed on its Facebook page as “an exhibition about women and their sins,” the show seeks to “[enhance] these ‘intellectual’ sinners as prophets of a future in which so-called provocative behavior is admissible for all saints.”

“”7 women 7 sins” is a title I was carrying around with me for three years. It penetrates the Zeitgeist of our times,” said curator Nadja Marcin in an email to artnet News. “In the medieval times, women were burned alive for publicly assigned sins, why now shouldn’t we have a more joyful custom around it?”

Sylvie Macias Diaz ADO Lisière D'OR (2014). Photo: via Facebook/Courtesy of the artist and Galerie Triangle Bleu, Belgium.

Sylvie Macias Diaz, ADO Lisière D’OR (2014).
Photo: via Facebook/Courtesy of the artist and Galerie Triangle Bleu, Belgium.

In addition to seminal feminist artist Janine Antoni, one name you will likely recognize on the roster is Emma Sulkowicz. The recent Columbia grad rose to prominence last year for Mattress Performance (Carry That Weight), in which she vowed to carry a twin mattress wherever she went on campus until her alleged rapist was expelled from school.

Sulkowicz released her first post-grad project, the controversial and challenging video Ceci N’est Pas Un Violearlier this summer, but this upcoming show is one of her first gallery exhibitions. Sulkowicz was not immediately available for comment.

Best known for her performance piece that she staged while a student, and her subsequent video (in which she also performed), her works on paper for “7 women” are a departure in form from those earlier works, though not necessarily in subject matter.

Yvonne Roeb, Assimilation, (2014). Photo: via Facebook/Courtesy of the artist and Galerie Wilma Tolksdorf, Berlin.

Yvonne Roeb, Assimilation (2014).
Photo: via Facebook/Courtesy of the artist and Galerie Wilma Tolksdorf, Berlin.

In the tradition of The New York Times Feminist Reading Group, Sulkowicz has co-opted several New York Times pages, one of which features her own photograph above the headline “Fight Against Sexual Assaults Holds Colleges to Account,” with drawings that call the content into question. Silk screened over the page of a Times article that tells the story of her campus performance is a self-portrait in which her face is covered by her hands, save for one eyeball peeking out. Text on her arms reads, “you can take my story, but my body won’t be overwritten.”

In a similar work, a drawing of a leering man holding his erect penis obscures an ad for Tiffany’s diamonds featuring a couple ice skating in Central Park. Sulkowicz’s text reads: “Fuck her. Believe this.”

“Emma’s contributions confront us with a clear message: ‘You lost humans. Don’t judge. Listen to your inner self. Stop walking like a blind bird towards the cat,'” says Marcin. “Now, consumption is at its highest peak; we are submissive. Emma makes her ‘rape’ purposely consumable and, therefore, attacks consumption at its most evil vein—the formation of inhumanity and our ill, irresponsible participation. She ‘rapes’ us and our judgment with a healthy dose of consciousness.”

Emma Sulkowicz. Photo: via Facebook.

Emma Sulkowicz.
Photo: via Facebook.

In a June interview following the release of Ceci N’est Pas Un Viol, Sulkowicz told artnet News that the media frenzy surrounding her has been “terrifying,” but that it’s also become a source of inspiration. “I am definitely just responding in the way that I know how,” she said.

“What does it mean to be a woman in the 21st century?” asks the accompanying text for “7 women,” which was written by art historian Amy Chang. Certainly, this is a complicated question with many answers, most of which are probably not easy to stomach. But by aligning women’s artwork with the so-called “sins” they commit, we can begin to reclaim the language and overcome the judgments leveled against women since the Garden of Eden, the source of all human sin.

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Janine Antoni, Conduit,(2009). detail. Photo: © Janine Antoni; Courtesy of the artist and Luhring Augustine, New York

Janine Antoni, Conduit (2009). detail.
Photo: © Janine Antoni; Courtesy of the artist and Luhring Augustine, New York

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‘Summer Ensemble 2015′ Exhibition at Graphic Studio Gallery

graphic-studio-dublinSummer Ensemble – A group exhibition of Graphic Studio Members & Artists
7 July – 5 September 2015
Graphic Studio Gallery, Through the arch, off Cope Street, Temple Bar, Dublin 2
Gallery Opening Hours: Tuesday – Friday: 10:00 am – 5:30 pm, Saturday: 11:00 am – 5:00 pm, Sunday & Monday: Closed

Graphic Studio Gallery is pleased to launch our annual summer exhibition, showcasing new framed work from studio members and gallery artists. A diverse range of printmaking techniques can be seen including etching, linocut, drypoint, carborundum, lithography and mezzotint.