Breath | Nigel Rolfe at Green On Red Gallery

Breath | Nigel Rolfe at Green On Red Gallery

14 September to 13 October
Performance : Thursday, September 14, 7pm

The Green On Red Gallery is excited to announce Breath, the 8th solo exhibition in the gallery of new works by the artist Nigel Rolfe.

A set of relational works made recently in 2017
About inside and outside
Insides and outsides
How the world outside enters us
How we seek to be and where to belong
Where in the world
Caught for breath

In Performance making
The agency of being and doing most often has four representations:

Firstly the body as site is the instrument for actions.
This located in place and across time.

Its afterlife which are perhaps threefold:

The residue of what is left in material terms, traces and remains and deposits.

Then the captured document as the photographic or filmic record – holding and marking – archiving moments of time.

Then possibly the most significant, the memory of the transient or
ephemeral images made directly in the moment . What resonates and is retained of animated and changing passing pictures – the somehow caught in between.

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