Call for Papers, AICA 50th Congress, Paris (France)

Day: Thursday 16 November 2017
Location: Palais de la Porte Dorée: Musée national de l’histoire de l’immigration

Title: Everywhere and Nowhere: migration and contemporary art Convenors: Mathilde Roman, Marjorie Allthorpe-Guyton and Niilofur Farrukh Migration has taken centre stage in critical practice in the visual arts. War, economic hardship, racism,  ethnic and sectarian tensions have forced the mass migration of peoples, including artists, curators and critics who have also been mobilised by the affinities, opportunities, and resources, of a global art market.

The rapid development of communications has led to an art discourse where the local is in continuous  dialogue with the global. Our inherited vision that gives a subjective experience of art is framed by, and battles with, an international perspective. The attempt to build theoretical views on art and its relations to a globalized world can often fail to take into account the significance of place and the singular.

Travelling physically, or most often virtually, across borders is fraught with contradictions and difficulties, not least translation between languages and cultures. Universalism is a surface illusion. The deeper the context explored, the more singularities reappear, offering multiple points of view.

Has the impact of recent migration on contemporary art given a wider vision of the world, one where
differences and singularities are not denied?

This Day 3 of the Congress, hosted by the Musée
national de l’histoire de l’immigration, the former
Palais des Colonies, is an opportunity to discuss political questions on migration in the context of post colonial studies and critical art practice.
(max.700 words) must be written in English, French or Spanish (+ short biography), and must be sent before the 26 June by email to, specifying «Congress call for papers» as subject.

Speakers will be asked to send final papers (40 mins) in advance, for translation, before 16 October 2017.

Call for papers: Fourth Performance Studies Network International Conference, 14-17 July 2016

Call for Papers

Fourth Performance Studies Network International Conference
Bath Spa University, 14–17 July 2016

The international Performance Studies Network comprises professional and amateur musicians, scholars working in a range of musicological disciplines (including music history, analysis, psychology, pedagogy, ethnomusicology and composition), and colleagues from the creative industries. The fourth international conference of the Performance Studies Network will be held at Bath Spa University, Newton Park campus, from 14 to 17 July 2016. The aim is to debate theories, methodologies and practices of performance, and to engage with increasingly diverse, interdisciplinary developments in the field in order to encourage a more global perspective on performance studies.

Professor Neil Heyde (Royal Academy of Music) will lead a keynote session with the Kreutzer Quartet on ‘Inventing an ensemble identity’. This will explore the Quartet’s long-term relationship with Professor Michael Finnissy (University of Southampton) in building a repertoire, and it will also detail the Quartet’s experience in commissioning a new work from Dr Laurie Bamon which responds to textural ideas of presence and absence. A concert featuring these composers’ works will be given on Saturday 16 July.

Professor Peter Wiegold (Brunel University) will lead a second keynote session ‘Leadership and ownership’ which will include a performance by his ensemble, Notes Inégales, featuring guest artists Hyelim Kim (Korean taegŭm flute) and Cheng Yu (Chinese pipa/Qu-chin). This session will investigate shared practice across boundaries, notions of leadership and layers of ownership. A special session on ‘Performance pedagogies: cross-cultural approaches to learning’, led by Dr Henry Stobart (Royal Holloway, University of London), will involve further investigation of global perspectives on music performance with contributions from these musicians and Chartwell Dutiro (Zimbabwean mbira).

Proposals are invited for individual papers, research reports and special sessions on any area in the field of musical performance studies, addressing as wide a variety of topics and methodologies as possible, including (but not limited to):
• Creative processes of composed/improvised/memorized traditions;
• Perspectives from composers/listeners/performers, including historical, analytical, psychological, pedagogical and philosophical;
• Notated/recorded/live music including embodied and gestural approaches, the role of technology in experimentation, auditory streaming, visual music, multimedia, social media, intertextuality and intermediality;
• Contexts of performance: performer/audience relationships, community music, music and familiarity, people and places.

Duration of presentations
·      Individual papers: 30 minutes, followed by 10 minutes of discussion
·      Research reports: 10 minutes, followed by 5 minutes of discussion
·      Special sessions: 90 minutes in total, including discussion

All proposals (abstracts) should fully and clearly describe the topic of the presentation and should include the following information:
·      Background
·      Research questions
·      Aims
·      Summary of content
·      Significance

For individual papers and research reports, a proposal of c. 500 words should be submitted; in the case of special sessions, the proposal should be c. 1,000 words. Please indicate whether or not the presentation will involve live performance, and if so what instruments and repertoires are envisaged.

No names or other identifying information should appear on proposals for individual papers or research reports. In contrast, the names of all intended participants in special sessions should be stated.

When you submit your proposal you will be asked to identify:
·      Type of submission (i.e. individual paper, research report, special session)
·      AV requirements
·      Special requests for space/equipment for performance during the paper/session. (Please note that Bath Spa University cannot guarantee the availability of special space or equipment although every effort will be made to accommodate such requests.)

Proposals should be submitted to EasyChair by 12 midnight GMT on Friday 30 October 2015. Late proposals will not be accepted.

Programme and registration
The conference programme will be announced in January 2016. The total conference package, including accommodation, meals and performance events, will cost £450 (£390 for eligible students). This early bird rate applies until 1 April 2016. Thereafter total conference packages will be £515 and £415, respectively.

Further information can be obtained from Amanda Bayley (

Programme Committee: Amanda Bayley (Chair), David Gorton, Roger Heaton, Laudan Nooshin, John Rink
Conference director: Amanda Bayley
Conference website:

The Performance Studies Network is hosted by the Cambridge Centre for Musical Performance Studies. See for details of the previous three PSN International Conferences held at the University of Cambridge in 2011, 2013 and 2014.

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