Anatomising the Museum Seminar

Open Seminar 
Anatomising the Museum: 
Contemporary Art & Museum Collections 
Thursday 26 November, 9:00–18:30 
Glashuset, Valand Academy, Gothenburg, Sweden

Anatomising the Museum brings together international artists, curators, researchers and museum professionals to probe at the effects of interventions and incisions in museum collections by contemporary artists. Why are we encountering increased examples of museums engaging artists to work amidst or from their collections? How critical can artistic interventions in collections be when they most often occur at the invitation of the museum? What forms of critical curatorship are authored when museums engage artists to work amidst its practices? Are the procedures of the museum anatomised or consolidated through such projects? Through convergence of art-criticality and heritage-criticality this seminar investigates interpretation and intervention, critical curating and quasi-curatorial methods as effects and methods of artistic intervention in and through museums’ collections and their practices.
Lauren F. Adams, artist and Associate Professor, Maryland Institute College of Art in Baltimore (USA), Sara Barnes, independent curator (DE), Christine Borland, artist and Professor at Northumbria University (UK), Mary Coble, artist and Senior Lecturer in Fine Art, Valand Academy (SE), Martha Fleming, art and sciences specialist, Reading University (UK), Lisa Sputnes Mouwitz, Director of Gothenburg Medical History Museum, Matty Pye, Curator Adult Programme, V&A Museum (UK), Miranda Stearn, Head of Learning, The Fitzwilliam Museum (UK), and others.
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The exhibition Helt sjukt! (Totally Sick!) by the MFA: Fine Art Programme at Valand Academy opens to the public 22 April 2016 at Gothenburg’s Medical History Museum. This is event is co-organised by the MFA: Fine Art Programme, Valand Academy, University of Gothenburg and Gothenburg Medical History Museum, Sahlgrenska University Hospital.
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