Your Membership Subscription

We continue to have issues with some members being very late with their annual subscription.

The matter was discussed at the March 2015 Paris Meeting of the Administrative Council. It was enforced strongly that National Sections must send the money to the Paris Office before the Administrative Council in March of each year.  This means that all subscriptions must be made before the end of February each year so that the treasurer can send it off in a timely manner.

Failure to pay on time means that we will be unable to provide you with a sticker for the current year. This makes your membership card invalid for the year.

If you have yet to pay for 2016 then please do so urgently as the new policy is being introduced by Paris immediately.

If you fail to pay then you will not be eligible for the annual sticker which makes your card invalid for use for the year.  You become liable for the outstanding year in the following year’s subscription. Failure to pay for a third year means that you will have to reapply to become a member of AICA which can take up to a year with the requirement that all applications need to be validated during the General Congress.

If you wish to set up a Standing Order, then please contact Alan before doing so. In this way we can make sure that payments received electronically are allocated against the name of the member. Electronic Banking is too expensive for our limited income, so it takes some time for a statement to come through which verifies the payment so that the sticker can be sent.

Note: If you are standing down from membership of AICA Ireland then please let us know so that we can properly account for our projected income for the year, and send the correct figures to the Paris Office.